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Repair Services You Can Depend On

MAP provides a variety of services for parts, including new parts provisioning, surplus parts trading, and vendor-managed inventory solutions. These services are designed to reduce operating expenses, increase parts availability, and shorten lead times.

Our company also assists with parts overhaul repairs and provides exchange programs tailored to customers' requirements. This increases efficiency and reduces turnover times, while improving reliability. Additional services include on-time delivery and global logistics support for time-critical components.

Services for Various Components and Systems

Within MAPs group we have several FAA/EASA - part 145 repair stations where all repairs are performed. We provide services for the following components:

  • Electrical Components - We repair and overhaul all electrical components, including IFEs, PSUs, smoke and fire detectors, starter generators, coffeemakers, ovens, magnetos, light assembly, indicators, switches, sensors, and modules.
  • Cargo Loading Systems - We repair, overhaul, and manufacture all cargo-loading systems and components, including PDUs, ball mats, stop locks, rails, rollers, side guides, and DERs.
  • Thermal Spray Services - We offer thermal spray services for flight controls and landing gear components on B737NG, B777, and Embraer fleets.
  • Pneumatic and Electro-Mechanincal - We repair: air cycle machines, air cooling fans, valves, pneumatic starters, air inlet/outlet actuators, air starters, temperature sensors, pressure controllers, servo valves.
  • Instruments, Avionics and Accessories - We repair actuators, angle of attack, fuel transmitters, radar antenas, auto pilot LRU's & EFIS processors, engine & fuel indicators,flight instruments & gyros, flight recording, radio, etc.
  • Inventory of Expendable and Rotable Components - We offer a vast inventory of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and other airframes for outright sale and/or exchange.
  • Additional Services - We also provide component repair management, inventory management, and virtual consignments.

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